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Courses in Canada

To decide from the many courses in Canada, the specific institution to apply to and to determine your eligibility, you should contact us and one of specialist advisors can guide you through the process.

The long list of Canadian courses for international students may seem like a lot to understand and work with, but your CUAC counsellor will definitely be ready to guide you on the basis of your academic record so far. Your financial background and IELTS abilities will also be taken into account.

Our advisors will break down different questions for different level such as;

  1. What is the requirement for a Masters degree in Canada for international students?

  2. What are some of the Postgraduate courses in Canada for international students?

Once you have decided which place to study, the next step will be to apply to the school or university for the course you wish to do.


When any student receives his/her official letter of acceptance from the institution, he/she will need to apply for the Canadian student permit, this is also something we can assist you with.

The time for application to study in Canada can vary, quite often by office. For any course which lasts less than 6 months, you general don’t need a study permit, however you must complete the course or programme within the authorised time period.

​Over time, Canadians have grown to place a great importance on learning, and have managed to construct one of the best education systems anywhere.  Any International student who qualifies from a Canadian College should enjoy every prospect of a long, worthwhile career.

What kind of course are you looking for?

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