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Engineering Courses in Canada

Course background

The top mechanical engineering universities in Canada are ready and waiting for you if have a passion for creating machines and can see imagine yourself pioneering new tools and that solve challenges faced by today's society and industries.


Engineering courses in Canada will explore the necessary scientific theories for the creation of structures or processes, with several subspecialties depending on the nature of the given project; the largest areas of engineering are civil, mechanical electrical and industrial engineering.

No matter what the focus area, the best colleges in Canada for engineering will provide you with formal training and quality accreditation, with the view to further qualifications by the Canadian Council for Professional Engineers.


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Career prospects

When you graduate from engineering, these are the types of jobs waiting for you:

  • Engineering.

  • Civil Engineering.

  • Electrical Engineering.

  • Mechanical Engineering.

  • Biomedical Engineering.

  • Environmental Engineering.

  • Automotive technology.

  • Aerospace Engineering.

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Highlighted Course


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