Partners' Offers

CUAC is partnering with Fido, a leading mobile service provider in Canada, to offer an exclusive mobile plan for CUAC's students from India.

  • FREE delivery of SIM card to your local address in India

  • Share your Canadian phone number with families, friends and others before departure

  • Have your local number ready for the Canadian Federal Arrive Can App

  • Stay connected, mobile and data services available during the 14 days of quarantine


MPOWER Financing is the leading provider of no-cosigner loans to students from around the world. MPOWER loans are based on your career potential and can cover tuition and other education-related expenses.


Key features:

  • No cosigner or collateral needed

  • Fixed-rate loans of up to $50,000 USD (about CAD $63,000)

  • Interest rates from 6.49% with no prepayment penalty

  • Career support through MPOWER's Path2Success program

  • Applying is fast, free, and has no commitment. Apply here today!

  • Also check out their Scholarships!