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Can you speak Canadian?

Are you planning to study in Canada? With all the effort to choose a Canadian university or college, and prepare for the Canadian study visa process, you might not make time to prepare for coming to a new culture. So we created the “Canadian culture” category which is a collection of different ways to make the adjustment to Canada easier.

Some of you may already speak English or French very well. But whether you do or you don’t, there are probably some English and French expressions in Canada that you have not heard of. Learning these can help you understand conversations and also feel more comfortable in Canada more quickly.

In English-speaking Canada we have expressions or words like: “keener”, “gong show” and “decked out”. While some of our expressions might refer to specific products like “KD” or “smarties” or “double-double”.

Are you curious to learn some of these? Here is a link with a sampling.

And if you want to see a range of special chocolate bars:

Well, this is just an introduction! We know there is a lot of Canadian slang to learn. But there just might be even more French-Canadian slang! But it’s all fun so take your time, eh?!

What else could help you prepare for studying in Canada?

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