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Deadlines, deadlines! Study in Canada in 2023

Canadian Application Deadlines for international high school students

This is a basic overview if you are planning to study in Canada in 2023.

INTAKES When first year programs begin

Bachelor’s Degrees Mostly at Universities, some offered at Colleges and Polytechnics

Diplomas At Colleges and Polytechnics

May or July, 2023 (usually mid-May and early July)

Usually small, and limited offerings

Many first year entry programs, especially Bachelor’s degrees are unavailable, or only available with some course offerings.

Many campuses use their student residences as hotel space in the May-August tourism season in Canada so new students have to find lodging off of campus.

There is usually no special orientation or preparation for new students.

With rare exceptions, it is probably too late for most students to have enough time for admission into any program for May, and still have enough time to complete Canada’s Study Permit process in time to travel to Canada to start studies. Even July may be difficult depending on how long the study permit process is taking for students where you are located.

September, 2023 (first Tuesday of September)

This is the biggest intake of the year in all Canadian universities and colleges.

Every program is available with a full range of first year courses.

There is always a huge orientation for new students. It's fun and effective to help new students get ready.

Other than September, very, very rarely an institution may have one or another program beginning in October or November.


A very common deadline is March 1, 2023.

Check carefully to see if the deadline for the program you are interested in has already passed.

If the deadline has passed, admission may not be strictly closed, but it would be best to confirm you can still apply directly with the institution. Otherwise, applying may be a waste of time.

Many degree programs remain open as long as there is space in the program for further students.


A very common deadline is March 1, 2023.

Some institutions require a separate application and some automatically consider every applicant for a scholarship.

Some institutions have an “entrance scholarship” usually based on the academic high school results. However, many institutions have separate scholarships for super top achieving students. These will usually have a deadline of some time in the period of March or April, 2023.

Can't make it for September, 2023?

The next main intake for Canadian universities, colleges and polytechnics, will be the beginning of January, 2024.

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