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Pursing a Master’s Degree in Canada- a student’s experience during the pandemic

Hello fellow student/future aspirants,

I am currently pursuing MFin at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax. If you’ve heard the phrase “Canadians have chronic need to apologize all the time”, then in my experience I would add ‘being friendliest people, welcoming, polite, and always ready to support you’ to the stereotypes.

Due to my fast paced and intensive course, working part-time is not advisable, so amidst this pandemic having the option to opt for Financial Aid really made a difference. Also in order to ensure students have proper nutrition, food bank gift cards have been provided to students. The teaching and administrative staff were up and running virtually within 7 days of full lock-down was announced. Doesn’t this show the structured coordination between university and provincial government? Well let’s just say ‘if difficult times brings out the worst in other countries, it bring out the best in Canada’.

In the state of imminent new type of economy – ‘Low Touch Economy’, the Graduate Career Services in my university did not disappoint us. They made sure that students graduating in 2020 are well trained in virtual interviews and networking.

I would like to conclude this blog by illustrating the similarity between spring flowers blooming after harsh winters, and students coming out of this pandemic situation well informed and trained to face the world.

Best wishes!

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