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Studying in Canada: Keeping healthy!

In our earlier blog on the Canadian health care system, we explained how the system works across Canada. We explained why its system of protecting 100% of the people in Canada creates conditions for managing and controlling the challenges from the current pandemic

You can read about that here:

Today, we also want to emphasize how well-organized Canadian higher education institutions are for protecting the health of students. It is common in Canada for campuses to have medical staff like doctors, psychologists, , counsellors and nurses on the campus for the immediate convenience of students. All of these staff have connections to off-campus hospitals and specialists for any student needing further evaluation or treatment.

As noted in the earlier blog, student health care coverage means there are no extra costs for consulting a doctor, a medical specialist, or even for extensive treatment or surgery. All treatment is also performed at the highest standards because the Canadian system, as is the case for higher education, is committed to the highest standards.

A recent example of how our institutions continue to focus on the health of students is a new announcement from Saint Mary’s University (SMU) in the province of Nova Scotia capital of Halifax. SMU has long had a Student Health Centre and a Counselling Centre as part of the usual supports for students. In this new announcement SMU is launching a co-operation with the Nova Scotia Health department to give its students fast access to a nearby covid-19 testing centre. Of course, this test will be free and the results will come very quickly. There is no need to feel any symptoms to take the test. Anybody can take the test and there is no limit to the frequency of testing.

It is impressive to note that with its health care system as the foundation, Nova Scotia quickly brought the virus under control. Over the last many, many, many weeks, very few cases have been reported anywhere in Nova Scotia. Many days commonly go by without any new cases.

This is a very recent report from Canada’s CBC network on the covid-19 situation in Nova Scotia confirming how few new or active cases there are.

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