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Education Institutions in Canada

Types of institutions

There is a wide range of higher education institutions in Canada to choose from, all of which have strong reputations in their specialist areas. Canada has technical colleges, polytechnics, and universities, where you can take your studies to undergraduate (diploma and bachelor's), postgraduate, and master's degree level. If you're not quite at post-secondary level, we also offer high school, foundation, and language prep programs.

Universities in Canada


In Canada, universities strive for students to achieve the greatest possible, emphasizing experiential learning.


This meaningful knowledge and experience can transition students into the workplace effectively.

Colleges in Canada


The value for money of education in Canada, compared to countries like the US and UK, tends to be more affordable. Colleges focus on applied learning.


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High Schools in Canada


Canada has one of the most impressive records of high school learning in the world.

In a recent survey, Canada came 2nd in reading, 10th in math and 7th in science.

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