Upcoming Events in South Africa


Marie Braswell, Director of Admissions and Recruitment of Saint Mary’s University, will be in Johannesburg to meet with students and families interested to study in Canada.  Learn about programs in science, engineering, arts, business, and more!

Joining her is Dani Zaretsky, Director of CUAC and expert on Canadian higher education.  Sign up now to learn about how to start your university education in Canada!

Contact:+27 73 973 1519
+27 61 504 6241

Email: [email protected]


1. Your academic achievements have to be very good. 

2. Each year of a four-year bachelor’s degree study usually needs a budget of at least $29,000 Canadian dollars, including all living costs. Some degree programs and universities will require a higher budget. 

Master’s degree programs are commonly two years, and each year usually needs a budget of about $30,000 to $35,000 Canadian dollars, including all living costs. Different degrees have different tuition costs.

We cannot assist with funding.