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While planning to move to Canada, wouldn’t it be great if you could:

  • Open an account before you arrive in Canada,

  • Move the funds digitally in advance, which reduces the risk of carrying and losing cash or draft, and

  • Collect the Deposit Confirmation, which serves as documentation for your “Proof of financial support” required by Canadian Border Services Agency at the port of entry.

  • Speed up the study permit application process by setting up a GIC in a Canadian bank to satisfy the application requirements for the Canadian government's Student Direct Stream (SDS) program.

The digital age has not only made many tasks doable, but also easy to do and from the comfort of your home.


Best of all, the Canadian University Application Centre (CUAC) has partnered with HSBC Bank Canada to help make it as easy as possible for you to open your Canadian bank account and setup your GIC digitally before you arrive, and to take advantage of HSBC’s latest promotional offers.

Before you start, make sure you have:​

1. Soft copies of:

  • your Passport,

  • visa to travel to Canada, and

  • documentation with your current address, such as a letter from your university/college, bank statement, or utility bill.

​2. Your ORIGINAL PASSPORT ready for digital ID verification.

3. You must open a bank account before applying for a GIC.

Click here to start your online account opening process and here to apply for the GIC.

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CUAC receives compensation for each successful application that is started through this link.