University Of Regina

Province : Saskatchewan (Regina)

Ranking : #14 (Macleans 2020)

Course Level : Bachelor's Degree, Post-Grad Diploma

& Master’s Degrees


Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan, mixing the cultural amenities and employment opportunities of a large city with the friendly, community feel of a smaller urban centre. 

Imagine attending a university surrounded by natural beauty (including a lake) and kilometres of walking and bike paths. Nearby are coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores where you will find products from many cultures (a taste of home!). Downtown Regina, with its many stores and restaurants, is an easy bus, bike, or car ride away. 

University Profile

In 2017, the University of Regina was ranked in the Top 200 Best Young Universities in the world by Times Higher Education. Tuition remains below the national average and the University ranks second nationally among comprehensive universities in the level of student financial support.


We offer more than 120 undergraduate programs and 78 graduate programs, they pride themselves in being an inclusive campus for all, welcoming students from around the world to achieve their educational goals. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Will Love the U of R!

  • High ranking: In Macleans Top 15 Comprehensive Universities in Canada 2020. 

  • Support is our strength: From the moment we meet you and your family, until the moment you find employment after graduation, we provide personalized services to encourage and assist in your academic and career needs.

  • State of the art facilities: Come and discover our new campus. It is modern, clean and convenient. 

  • The U of R is a global community: We are large enough to host students from over 90 countries.

  • Success for life: Regina is your home away from home! It is safe, affordable and provides a high standard of living. 

Tuition & Student Fees

Estimated One Year Tuition for International


6 Courses Per Year (CAD)                                 

$13,100.00 - $15,300.00 



10 Courses Per Year (CAD)

$21,200.00 - $24,900.00

Housing Costs

Average Year/ Two Semesters of Study

Living Costs:

On-Campus*: $6,404.00 ($800.50/month)

Food: $2,400.00 ($300.00/month)

*Based on 4 bedroom apartment in Paskwaw

and Wakpa Towers.

Costs will vary if living on or off campus.

Tuition fees vary by Faculty and are calculated by adding up the cost of the individual classes that you are registered in, meaning that the amount you will pay could vary depending on how many courses you take per semester.International students who hold a valid study permit are required to take a minimum of 3 courses per term in the Fall and Winter semesters.

Student Fees: In addition to tuition, students also pay fees for programs such as health and dental insurance, gym access, and bus passes. Full-time student fees are approximately $500.00 per semester.

Books & Supplies: Estimated $1,000.00 for two semesters of study.

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