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Accounting Courses in Canada

Course background

If you are you interested in studying at any of our partnered accounting courses in Canada, you stand in good stead at becoming a qualified accountant with excellent job opportunities, as accounting jobs in Canada are in high demand.


Whether you plan on learning new job skills or refining your existing accounting knowledge, dive in and learn how to improve the performance of a business through better understanding of the essentials of accounting and finance.

Add-on modules may give you a deeper understanding of the principles of accounting, these may include business law, statistics or  potentially landing you a work placement where you can experience every day operations in an accounting firm.

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Career prospects

When you graduate from accounting, your career options

could include any of the following

  • Chartered accountant.

  • Chartered certified accountant.

  • Chartered management accountant.

  • Chartered public finance accountant.

  • Company secretary.

  • External auditor.

  • Forensic accountant.

  • Stockbroker.

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Highlighted Course

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Accounting at NAIT

To find out more about what courses you would be taking as an

Accounting major, please visit the link below


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