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Canadian University Application Centre (CUAC) History


Canada's first international student recruitment organization was launched in 1997.

It was formed by two Canadians who first met when they started university and were randomly matched as on-campus residence roommates. They each went on to gain international experience: in one case, as an award-winning journalist with Canada’s national broadcasting corporation (the CBC), and in the other, as a lawyer representing refugees in Canada.


In their travels, they became excited about the idea of helping international students follow

their dreams to Canada. Their vision was to bring reliable, accurate information about Canadian higher education options to students in communities around the world.


These two friends were motivated by a recognition that Canadian higher education, and the values and culture of Canadian society, had much more to offer potential students than so many knew about.

Since launching their first office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the CUAC can now be found in nearly two dozen cities across Asia, Africa and South America, from which they serve students from all over the world.


What makes CUAC special?


For’s Free!


Almost all students receive our service

free-of-charge. Our services are paid

for by institutions directly.

Five more fantastic reasons...


We know Canada.


We have nearly 25 years experience guiding tens of thousands of students about whether they should choose Canada as an option and what the key reasons are for doing that.


We know the education systems and institutions in all ten Canadian provinces and three territories. For such a big decision, you need professionals at your side.


We are expert counsellors.


Our counsellors have the experience to consider your personality, your career goals, your academic strengths, and other factors that help us determine on which Canadian campus you would fit in well.


We will educate you about Canadian society, values, and customs, the different feeling on different campuses, and the different qualities and attractions of various towns.


We choose carefully.


The thousands of students that have come to Canada through our services like that we screen the institutions.

Students come to know that we choose to work with institutions that offer a combination of academic quality, efficiency in administrative matters, and general support to students regarding scholarship awards and career preparation.


We take care of you from start to finish.


We counsel students on different choices. Once the choice of institution has been made, we offer support on part-scholarship possibilities for academically strong high school students, on residence (on-campus housing) registration, on course registration, and on pre-travel preparation and travel logistics.


We give a general overview on Canada’s immigration system including the study permit process, post-graduation work permits (PGWP) and options that may be available for Express Entry, Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP), or other options leading to Permanent Residence status (PR).


We've been recognized.


We are the only organization recruiting students to Canada to be recognized in a report of our national universities body to Immigration Canada.



Recruitment Guidebook for Intl Students 

We have published articles in leading publications such as in International Higher Education from Boston College.



Canada's Egalitarian Debate


Ready to know more?

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