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CUAC: A One-stop Centre of Expertise on Canada and its Universities and Colleges

Launched in 1997, CUAC is Canada’s oldest and most established international recruitment organization serving Canadian education institutions across Canada.  We are the only organization recruiting students to Canada to be recognized by Canada’s national universities organization in its Good Practices Guidebook.

CUAC's Advantages


CUAC is the Study in Canada leader with the latest information on opportunities for international students


Qualified international students placed in universities all across Canada


Partner High Schools and Universities

Special Benefits

  • Membership for qualifying institutions is free.

  • Membership confers to every one of your students, the impressive suite of CUAC support services for free! Counselling, application and scholarship process, housing, course selection, access to CUAC’s huge suite of corporate partners, and pre-departure orientation and logistics.



CUAC “Study in Canada” On-site Seminars

We have staff in 20 cities and visit many more. 

Our seminars are considered the ultimate in sophisticated and informed presentations.

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CUAC “Study in Canada” Virtual Fairs

Your students can get pre-registered and assessed for our monthly virtual fairs in which Canadian universities offer one-on-one counselling including about scholarship prospects.

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CUAC Parent Counselling Virtual Fairs

Organize the parents/guardians of your student body in which they will learn the hard facts about the study in Canada process.

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Application Fee Waivers / Scholarship Assessments

Learn about Member benefits - select universities offer application fee waivers to your students. This can also enable speedy scholarship assessments!

Excited News

Hotline Support

Counselling students and families about so many countries can be daunting and indeed stressful.

You can count on CUAC for 24-48 hour hotline support to clarify confusions, and often reduce student and parent anxiety.

Hotline Consultant

**Instant Verification

Member institutions submitting official documents at the CUAC portal, get instant verification through participating Canadian universities.

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How it Works?

School, parent or student completes online assessment forms

With thorough information, CUAC counsellors can guide as to the most suitable opportunities considering budget, academic prospects, scholarship and work scope

Guidance to parents/sponsors on all aspects of financial planning and proof of financial capacity

CUAC and its corporate banking and other partners, ensure students are superbly prepared prior to leaving for Canada

CUAC is Trusted by Parents and Students

Canadian University Application Center, CUAC, is a really helpful and sophisticated organization. As a student, it's hard to understand a lot of the concepts when applying abroad, however, the way they have guided me has been really exceptional so far. The reason I say this is because so far the biggest plus point I have found is transparency. They do not beat around the bush, instead they put the facts straight up which is really important because it's a big decision going abroad. The counselors are really helpful, proficient in their job and most importantly have given me a clear idea of what my situation is, what I need to do and how they can help me. If you're planning to go to Canada, while there are many such agencies, I would highly recommend you all to check CUAC once before others because they really show you what a standard education consultancy is supposed to be. I hope I can be of help to all those who are pursuing studies abroad.

Syed Ishmum Ahnaf


Ensure Your Students and Their Parents are Well-informed!

Virtual Fairs

Invite parents and students to CUAC events to interact with Canadian universities. Or host us for a special event for your school!

School Presentations

We offer special Study in Canada presentations at your school! We have given hundreds of these at high schools worldwide with tens of thousands of satisfied students!

Study in Canada Experts

Canada, its society, higher education system, institutions and government policies can be confusing. Protect your parents and students from misinformation and exploitation. Rely on us!

Do you want to interact with CUAC’s counsellor network?


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