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CUAC, the Canadian University Application Centre - is the Study in Canada leader.

CUAC has helped thousands of worldwide international students to come study in Canada.  Exclusively focussing on Canada, we provide the latest information on opportunities for international students.  We offer our network and expertise on behalf of our recruitment partners so they can efficiently and accurately guide their student prospects to the best possible Study in Canada destinations.

Study in Canada Experts

Focus exclusively on Canada.  Formed in 1997.

CUAC is a frequent guest at many education conferences in Canada. Only CUAC is recognized in a report by our national universities association to Immigration Canada for our many model practices.

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CUAC's Advantages


CUAC is the Study in Canada leader with the latest information on opportunities for international students


Qualified international students placed in universities all across Canada


Offices with experienced counsellors across Canada, Asia and Africa

Professional and Sophisticated Support

Tech Platform


Screening Systems

One Application Portal for Multiple Schools

Hotline Service - impress students with professional follow-up

Marketing support with Canadian Universities

CUAC is Trusted Partners of Many Agencies

Canadian University Application Center, CUAC, is a really helpful and sophisticated organization. As a student, it's hard to understand a lot of the concepts when applying abroad, however, the way they have guided me has been really exceptional so far. The reason I say this is because so far the biggest plus point I have found is transparency. They do not beat around the bush, instead they put the facts straight up which is really important because it's a big decision going abroad. The counselors are really helpful, proficient in their job and most importantly have given me a clear idea of what my situation is, what I need to do and how they can help me. If you're planning to go to Canada, while there are many such agencies, I would highly recommend you all to check CUAC once before others because they really show you what a standard education consultancy is supposed to be. I hope I can be of help to all those who are pursuing studies abroad.

Syed Ishmum Ahnaf


Dozens of Canadian Universities, Colleges and Polytechnic to Choose From

and many more...

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