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Bachelor Degrees In Canada

Most bachelor degrees in Canada for international students​ will last 4 years, by choosing study in Canada, you’ll have the opportunity to experience something very different, both  cultural and socially.

Canada is known for its natural beauty, friendliness and tolerant, multicultural society. It’s also famous for it's low population (especially while being the world’s second-largest country) The country also has official bilingual status, English and French is spoken depending on what part of the country you may be in.

Each "Academic year" of study in Canada consists of two four-month semesters, meaning around four months per year are usually free, during which time, students can work or explore. This is a great opportunity to work or explore the country!

A distinct advantage of studying in Canada is the flexibility of their schools;

  • If you decide to change programs later, you can usually do so.

  • If you wish to combine two programs, you have a wide selection of additional possibilities.

  • If you want to get two degrees at the same time, that is possible too!

Some bachelor degrees even offer the opportunity to include  a paid work experience as part of your course. This is commonly called 'Co-op'. This is an extremely valuable way to gain some first-hand experience and the company might even hire you independently for the summer period!


This kinda of opportunity can really benefit you in the early days of your career. And the extra help and opportunities don't stop there;  CUAC universities even have professional counsellors to guide through the process of your studies. These counsellors can also offer advice and guidance on pathways to prepare you for any future plans.

Local, experienced advisers can share their knowledge to best equip you for making any vital decisions, making sure to inform you of any unique requirements, depending on the course of choice.


The list above is not the full list of all subjects which we can help you with. Currently, we have over 200 degree options on our roster, so feel free to ask us about any course, even if you don't see it in the list above,

Contact us today, we are ready to help answer any of yours questions and provide you with all information, we hope to hear from you!

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