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Environmental Studies Courses in Canada

Course background

Environmental studies is the analysis of everything natural and man-made, including climate conditions such as contamination, global warming, forest preservation and soil erosion. Environmental issues almost always involve an interaction of physical and chemical processes. 

Environmental studies and environmental science coincide; with environmental science incorporating more pure sciences, however environmental studies incorporates more of the social sciences. 

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Career prospects

When you graduate from environmental studies, these

are the types of jobs waiting for you:

  • Agricultural Technologist.

  • Air Quality Inspector.

  • Animal Services Worker.

  • Aquaculturalist.

  • Arborist.

  • Botanist.

  • Community Developer.

  • Conservation Biologist.


Highlighted Course


Environmental Studies at UNBC

To find out more about what courses you would be taking as a

Finance major, please visit the link below

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