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Computer Science Courses in Canada

Course background

The most important aspect of computer science is problem solving, deemed as an essential skill for life. Computer Science

courses in Canada will focus on the design and development of software/hardware to solve problems in a variety of areas, from

the theoretical and practical study of computing and it's 

applications, to the systematic study of algorithms that underlie.

You will also typically learn programming languages like 

C++ and Java, exploring creative and complex ways to solve problems.

The best Universities for Computer Science in Canada

At our hand-picked range of universities and courses, you can

one step further and widen your skills and consider other marketable skills, such as project management, and software design and development.

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Career prospects

When you graduate from computer science, your career options could include any of the following

  • IT consultant

  • Cybersecurity consultant

  • Information systems manager

  • Database administrator

  • Multimedia programmer

  • Systems analyst

  • Games developer

  • Technical writer

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Highlighted Course


Computer Science at SMU

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Finance major, please select the link that corresponds with your

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