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Law Courses in Canada

Course background

Our Law schools in Canada provide highly recommended learning in the capable hands of an established practitioner of common law. Almost 30% of the globe lives within a common law planning system, meaning your degree from one of the best law schools in Canada will serve you well across the world.


Law courses in Canada require an admission test for entry, which measures your analytical and logical thinking. However, some

law courses in Canada for Indian students will require an alternative certificate to the LSAT test, due to curriculum differences.


Paralegal courses or part-time diplomas in legal studies are also available,  resulting in lower level positions, however these 

certificates are sufficient to gain alternative employment within the legal industry.

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Career prospects

When you graduate from law, these are the types of jobs waiting for you:

  • Arbitrator

  • Barrister

  • Barrister's clerk

  • Chartered legal executive

  • Company secretary

  • Costs lawyer

  • Detective

  • Licensed conveyancer

  • Paralegal

  • Solicitor


Highlighted Course


Law at Wilfrid Laurier

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