Concordia University Of Edmonton

Location : Alberta (Edmonton)

Ranking : #79 (UniRank 2020)

Course Level : Bachelor's, Post-Grad Diploma & Master’s Degree


Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Management

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Graduate Studies 


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What is Concordia's philosophy?

We can try anything. We can change directions. We can be our best selves. At CUE the president might sit down at your table in the Tegler Centre with coffee and ask you why we chose this school and how it could be better. 


But their ultimate goal has not changed since 1921: to be more than students and professors, to create a community of active citizens, of good and honourable people.

Estimated International Fees 

(tuition, student fees, and housing for one year)

$31,000-35,000 CAD per year



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Concordia making a difference

In the ordinary university, students move from lecture theatre to massive hall. Scientists stay with scientists, educators with educators, philosophers with philosophers. Marketers share ideas with other marketers.

Concordia University of Edmonton was born to be different.

For almost one hundred years, our students come together through a shared belief, despite their varied interests and fascinations, their majors and minors.



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