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Personal Statement

Thank you for completing this form. It may take about 5-7 minutes. 

You or your sponsor will also complete the Financial Assessment Form.

At CUAC, our philosophy is to help those who have the academic, financial and personal profile qualifications for one or more of the hundreds of programs we work with.  Following this philosophy, in our 25 years we have helped many thousands of students come to Canada from all over the world.  We are the only organization recognized for its model recruitment practices in a report from our national universities body to Immigration Canada.

We do not accept files that do not have matching qualifications as this would just waste everyone’s time and money.  We also know that in many countries there are tricksters making people think they are well-qualified when they are not.  

Note that there are some people who are well-qualified but we cannot help simply because we do not have the program they are looking for or the right program in the city they want to study in.  If you are one of these cases, we will encourage you to keep pursuing options in Canada that may be suitable even though we can’t assist.

To summarize, all the following questions are intended to help CUAC make an effective evaluation of whether we can really help you.

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