Mohawk College

Province : Ontario (Hamilton)

Ranking : #16 (Research Infosource)

Course Level : Diploma, Bachelor's & Post-Grad Diploma


Population 520,000

  • Home to immigrants from many backgrounds

  • Fastest growing economy in Ontario

  • Perfect choice for families – lifestyle and access to excellent public education for children

Welcome to Mohawk College. With students from 80+ countries around the world enjoying the wide range programs and services offered, you’ll find Mohawk College is truly an
exceptional education destination.

We offer over 100 programs for our international

students in various field such as

  • Communication Arts

  • Business

  • Health

  • Graduate and Professional Studies

  • Technology

  • Skilled Trade

  • Preparatory Studies

  • Community Service


Mohawk has earned the following recognitions

  • Rated #1 College in the Greater Toronto/Hamilton area for student satisfaction 7 years in a row

  • 96% of graduates would refer Mohawk to a friend

  • 85% of graduates are working within 6 months of graduating

Estimated tuition fees 

Approximately $17,000 to $20,000 Canadian dollars.

Student rental apartments start from $450-$500 a month and can go up depending on preference and lifestyle.

Range of entrance awards,

If applicable, students can apply for scholarships after they start their studies.


It is not guaranteed, but there are some opportunities to apply for scholarships as an international student.

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Mohawk College is located in Hamilton, Ontario.


Hamilton is a mid-size city which is located right between Toronto and Niagara Falls – about 1 hour drive from each city.


It’s location makes the city ideal in terms of affordable accommodation, plenty of job opportunities as well as beautiful natural scenes.