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Latest Study in Canada News:  Does Canada Want You?

March 1, 2024

Yes, Canada wants international students - large numbers of them!

But have you heard that changes are happening to Canada’s Study Permit (student visa) system?

On January 22, 2024, the Government of Canada announced a temporary two-year limit on international enrolment. In other words, Canada has plans to accept fewer students than in the past many years.

In the last few weeks it has become clearer how the system will work, and how the numbers of students will be managed.

Each Canadian Province (there are 10) or Territory (there are 3) will be given a fixed number of admission offers.

Each Province or Territory will then advise each institution in its region how many offers it can make.

Then the process will be for each institution to get a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) confirming that the province or territory approves of the offer of admission. 

This will then be provided to the student to be used in the Study Permit application to the IRCC. The PAL along with the offer of admission will be the basis of the application along with financial proofs, and other requirements


What does this means for students looking to study Bachelor degrees or diplomas or certificates?

1. Make sure to read our blog about some important information here:

2. Make sure you apply as early as possible in advance of the session you wish to attend. You will have to wait for an admission decision, and then a PAL (or in Québec, the certificat d’acceptation), and possibly other important steps like a scholarship offer or a confirmation of a residence room. 

Remember: The Study Permit in some countries at some times can be completed in weeks and in others months or even many months.

3. Try your best to apply for programs where your qualifications are a match for the admission requirements. 

Are there situations where students do not need a provincial attestation letter before applying for a study permit?

For applicants in these groups, they do not need a provincial attestation letter before they apply for a study permit:

  • Master’s or doctoral degree students

  • Primary and secondary school students

  • Visiting or exchange students

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