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Why Canada? Safety, academic quality and a welcoming society!

The Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE) is one of Canada’s few most important organizations which works continuously to better the experience of those seeking to study in Canada.

In an analysis of its recent International Student Survey (ISS), ICEF, an international organization matching agencies and educational institutions, highlighted three key common factors that attract students to Canada.

The ISS revealed several competitive advantages for Canada in 2022 – the most powerful being its reputation for being safe (79%), followed by the educational quality offered by Canadian post-secondary institutions (69.5%). International students also value Canada’s generally tolerant and non-discriminatory society (50%).

But the survey did report common concerns as well, particularly in securing off-campus work.: "Yet 43% of surveyed students who had worked or were working in Canada said they had had difficulty finding employment" The report states:

“A significant number of student respondents attributed their difficulties finding work to their inability to understand the expectations of Canadian employers and to their prospective employers being unfamiliar with regulations for hiring international students.”

This is something that we at CUAC also take very seriously, and for the students that are guided by us to Canada, we have special offerings that help them prepare for Canadian society and how to fit in, as well as relating to Canadian workplaces and how to prepare better. Of course, it is a strength of Canadian institutions that they typically have an office dedicated to helping Canadians and international students to find part-time jobs and full-time jobs for the summer recess, as well as to prepare for post-graduation career paths.

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