Applying for a Canada Study Permit? Confused?

May 6, 2021

We have very important Canada study permit information to update you today, May 6, 2021. We will try to help clear up at least some of any confusion you might be experiencing.

In Canada, a student visa is called a “Study Permit”. To legally study in Canada for any educational program except a very short one, almost all foreign nationals require a study permit.

About a week ago, Immigration Canada which is the national branch of government responsible for Study Permits, issued an update for students hoping to start studies for the September, 2021 intake.

In Canada, almost all students who pursue post-secondary (after high school) studies attend a university, college or polytechnic institution that receives public funding from the province or territory in which it is situated.

The most common time to begin academic studies at public institutions is the first week of every September. For this reason, every year the biggest volume of Study Permit applications is for the September session.

1. What is new?

Immigration Canada is facing is trying to perform its functions in the middle of the pandemic. There are many aspects that are slowing down its work both in Canada and for its offices in Canada's diplomatic operations overseas. For this reason, Immigration Canada wanted to alert students of what is reasonable to expect for this difficult year in study permit processing.

The new announcement states that applications for a study permit which are submitted by May 15, 2021 will be decided in time for the first week of September, 2021 (called “fall semester”).

This was the official announcement: