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Are your exams delayed or cancelled?

There are high school and university exam cancellations going on all over the world. Our India and Ghana offices for example report high school exam delays. Many of you are wondering how this is going to affect the evaluation of your applications for admission to Canadian universities and colleges or polytechnics.

There is no single answer to this. Definitely, institutions in Canada are aware of the growing challenges this is going to cause.

For those completing high school we expect that many Canadian institutions will post on their websites, how they plan to handle these situations. For others, it is going to be very difficult to know what will happen – whether you will be admitted or not or whether the evaluation will be delayed until you can provide final results.

As we work with Canadian institutions across the country, we are encouraging them to develop clear policies, and clear methods of transparent communications so that international prospects know what they need to do and what they can plan on.

For those seeking Master or Doctoral degrees or post-graduate diplomas (PGDs), it is also going to be a period of uncertainty for you. All of the institutions we work with report active strategies around how to change their policies short-term. Some, for example, will accept ESL results from Duolingo when they did not before. Of course IELTS and TOEFL are introducing new options for home-examination also. Some universities are accepting copies of documents and letting students send originals later. But we have to emphasize that each institution will handle it differently and even different Master or Doctoral programs in one university might handle it differently from others.

We welcome more questions as well as feedback that we can share with Canadian institutions.

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