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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

The following information was valid as of August 26, 2022.

Things can change, so always reconfirm any information you intend to rely upon. Always use official announcements posted by the Government of Canada with the URL domain ending in

Are you waiting for your Study Permit to study in Canada for September, 2022?

You are not alone!

According to a report by the Toronto Star:

"Federal data shows that as of the end of July, 34 per cent of pending international student visa applications were taking longer to process than government standards dictate.
A recent report by the House of Commons immigration committee shows processing times for student visas have grown substantially since on the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Government standards dictate the application should take only about two months to process"

Recognizing that huge numbers of students won’t have a study permit in time for September, 2022, Canada has now announced a return to a program put in effect when the Covid pandemic was preventing students from studying in Canada personally.

The announcement confirms that:

International students studying online from abroad or who submit a study permit application no later than August 31, 2022, will continue to be able to complete up to 100% of their program online without affecting their PGWP eligibility.

The extension of temporary distance learning measures will affect those starting programs from September 1, 2022, to August 31, 2023. Specifically, these measures will apply:

  1. No more than 50% of the credits earned can be completed outside Canada to remain eligible for a PGWP.

  2. Studies completed online from outside Canada starting on September 1, 2023, will be deducted from the length of a future PGWP.


For students worldwide


First, check with your institution to see if there is an on-line option or an option to defer to January, May or September of 2023.

Secondly, if there is an on-line option for September 2022, check if you must pay tuition fees to take on-line courses.

Also make absolutely sure you confirm what are the refund policies for any tuition fees paid in case the study permit is denied to you. Most Canadian programs will not refund tuition fees for courses already taken even if there is a study permit refusal.

Some programs will permit a full tuition fee refund as long as you officially withdraw from all your courses by a certain date.

Special note for CUAC students

For students working with any of CUAC’s worldwide offices, if you have not already been in contact with your CUAC office, immediately consult the office you are working with to determine:

(i) whether you can start studies on-line or defer to a later semester,

(ii) or all other possible options or consequences of your study permit application being decided late.

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