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Canada is getting students back to work

Are you an international student planning to study in Canada? Are you wondering what the market will be like for part-time jobs while you are studying full-time or getting a full-time job during the study break?

We have an update for you. According to an article in today’s The Globe and Mail, Canada's job market roars back; hiring climbs, unemployment falls as COVID-19 restrictions life, Canada is ready to boom as it approaches 80% first vaccination rates of all adults.

Canada has recovered 89 per cent of its pandemic job losses, and the coming months are primed for ample gains as the country hits vaccination goals and restrictions are further relaxed.

What about for young people in particular? The article has an update for that too.

In turn, employment for youth aged 15 to 24 rose by 164,100 positions in June. There was significant progress for postsecondary students. Among those 20 to 24 and returning to school in the fall, the employment rate was 67.5 per cent – about typical for June, and much stronger than 51 per cent in May. Youth jobs are still down 5 per cent from when the pandemic started.

So make sure you are coming to Canada ready with your c.v. to build on. Almost all Canadian public higher education institutions have a special office to help students with their c.v., preparing for job interviews, and looking for work.

If you are already working with one of CUAC's worldwide office, we can help guide you about co-op opportunities or other work possibilities at your destination institution.


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