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Canada or Australia? What does India Today say?

We think either can be a great choice but neither is the right choice for everyone. We are big believers in knowing more about the countries you plan to study it. It is even more important if you hope to one day live in that country permanently.

As this India Today article states: “And among all the countries in the world, Canada and Australia are the two most common countries preferred for residence. So, which one should you choose to become a permanent resident (PR) of?”

While we have no expertise about the Australian permanent resident (PR) pathways, we do have plenty of experience with Canada, having helped many thousands of students come to Canada. Way back when we started in 1997, Canada didn’t even offer post-graduation work permits (PGWP). But for well over a decade Canada has led the world in offering international students not only incredible PGWP offerings but also all kinds of fast-tracks to PR status.

There is no other country in the world planning to grow it’s population through migration of about 1% of the population annually which is the goal Canada has set for itself.

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