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Canada’s Covid-19 DLI list

As reported in our earlier blog, Canada is now open for international students to arrive.

Canada has published its Covid-19 Canada DLI list indicating which instructions are now approved to receive international student study permit holders. DLI refers to Designated Learning Institutes

But a number of conditions need to be met, including that the institution the student has admission to is (1) a designated learning institution (DLI) and (2) has an approved readiness plan approved by its province or territory (Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories – there are no national institutions, all institutions are governed by the province or territory).

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t see my institution approved yet – should I worry?


The main point is to determine if the institution the student is admitted to is a DLI. All publically funded Canadian universities, colleges and polytechnics are on the DLI list. This means they get some funding from the province or territory in which they are located. This information is available online but if not sure, ask the institution directly.

If the institution is not yet on the approved DLI list, don’t worry: it will be very soon. If it is not on the list it just means that the institution is being careful to develop a thorough plan for students on arrival in consultation with the province or territory which regulates it.

We at CUAC are confident that all designated learning institutions will be on the approved federal government list within the coming weeks and in time for the student to arrive in Canada before the next semester.

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