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Canada study visa news, May 22, 2020

May 22, 2020 The Canadian government has just announced an important new notice about students currently trying to complete their study in Canada visas (known as a Study Permit).

The announcement recognizes that due to the current processing challenges with covid-19, many students will have difficulty submitting all the documents they need. The announcement especially emphasizes that the following documents may not be immediately possible to submit:

  • give their biometrics

  • undergo a medical examination

  • submit their original travel documents

What the announcement confirms is that if you submit your study permit application and you don’t have one or more of these which has been requested, your application will not be refused and closed. In normal times, after attempting to get students to complete their applications this would be the case. But until a change is announced, if you are stuck not being able to submit one or more of these then you can relax knowing your file will remain opened.

However, for now, we should expect processing to be going slowly due to the closure of processing centres in Canada and around the world.

For students already in Canada, the latest update contains valuable information for you regarding your study obligations and your many work privileges. Canadian universities and colleges are excellent at having the latest information so always rely upon their advice to make sure you are following the rules and regulations in this regard.

The official government announcement and information can be found at this link:

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