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Canada: The cultural value of refugee resettlement.

Canada may well be the world’s leading country in terms of integrating the highest proportion of newcomers into its country each year.

Some 22% of people permanently living in Canada were not born in Canada, far outpacing the estimated 14% of the same population in the USA.

One of the features of Canadian society and culture is a strong desire to help those facing extremely difficult circumstances to enter Canada and to remain and thrive. We have seen this over successive generations, and the tremendous success story of Syrians coming to Canada in the past several years, is a strong reflection of this desire.

Very recently, there is a new wave of leadership springing from Canada in order to help Afghans, and a major component of this leadership is coming from Canadians of Vietnamese origin, many of whom themselves or the generation before them, came to Canada in very difficult circumstances.

For an example of this, see this report in Canada’s national broadcasting company, the CBC:

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