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Canadian government clarifies study permit procedures

The Canadian government has made recent announcements offering a variety of improvements for international students whether already in Canada or planning to come to study in Canada. These announcements include new improvements regarding working in Canada for those already in Canada as well as qualifying for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) for those planning to study on-line outside Canada for the coming one or two semesters.

In our blog of August 27, 2020 we assessed the significance of this announcement.

To address some confusion, the Canadian Embassy in Beijing issued a Frequently Asked Question bulletin addressing many issues that have arisen. This is useful for students and their families from around the world. Remember when reading this blog that it makes clear in particular that students who start their studies without even an approval-in-principal of their study permit will still get credit towards their PGWP. This is a change from earlier policies the government of Canada pronounced.

The FAQ bulletin is here:

Download PDF • 853KB

Also consult our earlier blog where we published useful government of Canada links here but again remember that the latest FAQ is most reliable and some earlier links or information may be out of date because of the later changes.


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