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Coming to Canada for studies? Check what you need to do and keep checking!!!

With the world hit with massive waves of infections, the world of international student travel is again thrown into uncertainty.

For students who have a study permit for admission into the May semester, it is crucial to vigorously check the latest rules affecting your itinerary.

The starting point for that is the official Canadian government website which can be found here:

But that's not enough! Students: make sure to carefully review your plan with the institution in Canada that admitted you. You need to not only be sure you are permitted to travel from your country but you must be sure that you have everything ready for your arrival especially the Canadian government arrival phone app, and the arrival and quarantine plan.

Finally, even if you have done all of the above, you still need to check and keep checking until you are ready to leave.

Just today, April 22, 2021, any student who planned to fly direction to Canada from India and Pakistan will be affected by the suspension of all such flights for at least one month.

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