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Coming to Canada – Next steps

Further to Canada’s big announcement last Friday, October 2, 2020, we are now seeing our students get letters confirming that announcement and informing them of the next steps. We explained that announcement in this blog instalment:

We include a sample of a standard letter students are getting at the end of this blog. All official announcements and correspondence from the Canadian government are available in French, as well as English, Canada’s two official languages.

For students with a study permit ready to make plans to come to Canada make sure you are in close contact with the institution that has admitted you to make sure you are eligible to come and that you have complete documentation to support you every step of the way: from getting a boarding pass to being approved for admission at the Canadian border on arrival. For CUAC students, connect with the office responsible for your application to make sure all arrangements have been made.

For students who have received a preliminary approval letter, you will still need to await final approval and the issuance of a study permit before you can make a plan to come to Canada.

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