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Coming to study in Ontario?

The Premier of Ontario has asked Canada's Prime Minister to consider a temporary ban on the arrival of international students seeking to study at Ontario institutions.

It is not expected that other provinces will make this request. While some are also having significant struggles in certain pockets of their large territories (such as Alberta), others, such as in the Atlantic region (such as Nova Scotia) have long had the pandemic very much under control.

For students with confirmed airline tickets to Canada in the coming week, there is no current block to board your flight even if attending an Ontario institution. Just make sure you adhere to all the other rules for boarding and arrival, especially regarding the quarantine plan.

We always recommend checking the official Canadian government on-line resources regarding to travel to Canada even on the day of departure in case of any changes.

For students travelling to CUAC member institutions, please consult the office handling your file for the latest guidance on travel requirements. Questions and comments can be sent to


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