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I have a study permit? When can I travel to study in Canada?

When can you come to study in Canada? Except in rare cases – not yet!

This is true not only if you have a study permit and are planning to start your first year of studies in Canada or if you have already been a student in Canada and simply wish to return to Canada to continue your studies.

According to, the website for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:

Students who obtained a study permit before March 18, 2020 whether new or returning students, could possibly be an exception to this order. But in that case they have to strongly document that it is a necessity to study in Canada (for example, if there are in-person classes, or other research or other requirements that can’t be completed out of Canada). In that case, consult closely with the educational institution that admitted you. You should not book travel to Canada without a Travel Support Letter from your institution.

Of course, for those who do wish to enter Canada they also have to document an excellent 14 day quarantine plan on arrival. Again, your institution should help you document a proper plan for this.

Note that even with a study permit, the border official has the final decision to let someone into Canada or not. This is always true no matter what type of visa someone has for Canada.

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