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Know Canada – Covid-19 and human rights

If you are an international student in Canada or planning to study in Canada part of this blog is to help you understand the society you study in or hope to study in. Canada is a country that welcomes the contributions even of the newest of newcomers in the continuous flow and changes in values. So, it’s good to have an idea about the most common views of Canadians towards gender issues, equality, treatment LGBTQ communities, language and ethnic diversity, Canada’s many original, indigenous nations, and so on.

Today, April 8, 2020, Global Affairs Canada, on behalf of two of our National Departments: Foreign Affairs and International Development released a statement about Covid-19. The purpose of the statement was to inform people around the world about Canada’s view about how people should be treated during this terrible Covid-19 period.

The following expression is part of that statement.

“We must all do what we can to prevent the tragedy of this pandemic from being compounded by allowing it to be exploited to persecute vulnerable communities. Over the course of this crisis, the Government of Canada will work to ensure that vulnerable and marginalized communities, including refugees, internally displaced people and migrants, indigenous, LGBTQ2I+, and religious and ethnic minority communities, are not victimized under the cover of public health.

To understand the complete position of the Canadian government the entire statement can be read at this official link:

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