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Do you have a study permit to enter Canada? That is step 1.

Even if you do, or even if you have already studied in Canada, you must comply with the requirements for entering Canada at the time of travel. Some students, for example, who were already students in Canada, must now get a renewed medical clearance if the medical clearance used for their study permit has expired.

The key link for the "Entering Canada checklist” is here: The most important latest news is that the 3-night hotel stopover requirement no longer applies. Now, what is important is to determine whether you are fully vaccinated as defined by Canada or not.

Each of these categories has its own checklist of requirements. Fully vaccinated traveller checklist: Not fully vaccinated traveller checklist: For those not fully vaccinated with vaccines recognized by Canada and completing the vaccinations two weeks before arrival, then this is the current checklist to follow:

We always emphasize it is necessary to check continuously. It is even possible the rules change in the last day before your departure. Many of our students are requiring supporting documents from the institution and it is important to leave enough time to request and receive these documents. Comments to

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