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Covid-19 cancelled my exams!

Many of you might be caught with exams cancelled or suspended indefinitely. The latest updates we have are:

  • IBO exams- cancelled

  • Pearson EdExcel exams- cancelled

  • Cambridge exams- cancelled

  • CBSE exams- some papers cancelled

  • WASSCE and WAEC- postponed

If you’re wondering what will happen with your admission decision without these final results, or with delayed results, you are not alone. Every university will have a different policy, but in most cases, you might still be able to start in September 2020.

We work closely with different Canadian institutions to keep abreast of their policies, while guiding them on the latest news from different countries so they can adapt.

Most universities have covid-19 updates on their website.

Get in touch with us about your specific case- we are here to help guide you!.

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