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On-line classes and Study Permits

Some students are worrying about how on-line classes might affect their study permits or their eligibility for post-graduation work permits.

Let us update the situation as we write today, March 31, 2020.

Some background. When someone gets a study permit to study in Canada the terms require that the student be in full-time study and that the program of study is with required classes to attend (not distance learning).

Furthermore, when a student completes a degree, diploma or certificate at an eligible Canadian education institution, this includes the right to apply for a work permit. The length of the work permit depends on the length of the academic program. For example, a two year program of study (or more) which generally means equivalent to 16 months of class study and exams, will lead to a three year work permit.

Because of the impact of covid-19, the Canadian government is assuring international students that their study permits will remain valid if they must take distance learning.

Also, the Canadian government is assuring international students that if they must take distance learning the study they are doing in this period will still count for the purpose of qualifying for a post-graduation work permit.

This link here is from the official Canadian government website:

Always be careful if you are getting information from any website, that does not link to the official Canadian government website. The information could have been wrong or could have been right but no longer valid. This is also why we include the date of our posting

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