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Soft skills vs. hard skills

Which is more important when starting your career and moving up the ladder?

According to this article in India Today, “hard skills are the foundation of a successful career and soft skills are the cement.”

As the job market is becoming increasingly competitive, employers are looking for a number of soft skills in addition to a degree:

  • non-verbal communication

  • adaptability

  • critical thinking

  • ability to take feedback

  • goal-orientation

  • ability to take initiative

  • passion for work

  • think outside the box

Some ways Canadian universities are helping to build these skills: offering students multiple opportunities to work while they study- whether part-time work on- and off- campus or a co-op or internship- students are able to build soft skills alongside their degree. Canadian education tends to be more liberal, meaning a student studying business, science, or engineering will be required to take courses in the humanities and social sciences. And remember that plenty of opportunities for learning and growth are outside the classroom- our universities offer a plethora of student groups and societies where you can hone your soft skills- and pursue your other areas of interest!

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