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Study in Canada Travel Update

July 20, 2021

If you are an international student holding a valid Study Permit and planning to travel to Canada to commence your studies, you may be able to avoid Canada’s 14 day mandatory quarantine rules by arriving later than planned.

This is the main new announcement:

On September 7, 2021, provided that Canada’s COVID-19 epidemiology remains favourable, the Government intends to open Canada’s borders for discretionary travel by travellers from any country who have been fully vaccinated with Government of Canada-accepted vaccines at least 14 days prior to entering Canada and who meet specific entry requirements.

You must be vaccinated with vaccines recognized by Canada (Moderna, Pfizer, Astrazeneca, Johnson and Johnson,) and the second dose or only dose for Johnson and Johnson but have been completed 14 days before arrival in Canada.

The requirements are set out here:

In addition, fully vaccinated travellers must also:
provide COVID-19-related information electronically through ArriveCAN (app or web portal) including proof of vaccination prior to departing for Canada (subject to limited exceptions);
meet the pre-entry testing requirements;
be asymptomatic upon arrival; and
have a paper or digital copy of their vaccination documentation in English or French (or certified translation, along with the original) ready to show a government official on request

Compliance with these requirements will mean no quarantine is needed and no Covid-19 test on arrival except for persons that "have been randomly selected to complete a Day 1 COVID-19 molecular test”. This would be provided free-of-charge at the airport of arrival. If you cannot be vaccinated due to a health condition the government advisory says: Individuals who cannot be fully vaccinated due to a health condition for which vaccination is contraindicated according to the vaccine's label may also qualify for the eased quarantine and testing requirements currently available to fully vaccinated travellers, but must follow a modified quarantine. More details will be available in the coming days. What about if you tested positive for Covid-19 previously? The official position is that Canada will permit:

individuals who have recovered from COVID-19, but continue to test positive, to present a positive COVID-19 molecular test result on a specimen taken 14 to 180 days prior to arrival in Canada as part of the pre-arrival test requirements.

Official Source:

As always, continue to consult official sources prior to departure for Canada. The rules can change overnight.

For students travelling to CUAC institutions, please consult your local CUAC office right up until the time of departure for the latest guidance.


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