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Work from home tips!

Hi from Beijing! For two months due to the corona virus I was cooped up with close family members in Qiqihar! Here are a few tips that might help you if you, too, are stuck at home.

Try as much as possible to keep your regular schedule of work and life.

Do some exercise at home.

Store some food that lasts for a longer time like canned goods, frozen bacon, or air-dried vegetables, jam and different sauces, etc.

Play some music to lighen up your day.

Challenge yourself with some hard-to-cook dishes, you’ll surprise yourself on how well you could do! In fact, try anything new, anything difficult, anything you always wanted to try and even something you never wanted to try.

Check in with your families, friends and colleagues on how well they are doing.

Try NOT to

Stay in touch with the news but don’t overdo it. Know the limit of what is too much especially sad stories to avoid feeling too down.

Watch that you don’t eat more than usual.

Spending long hours by your laptop, be especially careful not to put your coffee or tea cup too close to your laptop – you all know what might happen. Oops!

Comment adding more of your suggestions that will be helpful to others!

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